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Learning from Indigenous Voices

The places we visit on Heartland journeys are all ancestral homelands of various Indigenous groups who have lived on and been deeply connected to these lands for millennia.

Building relationship with these places includes connecting with the history of lands and the people who have called it home and hold it sacred. Here in Oregon, there are currently 9 "Federally Recognized" Native American Tribes, and many other Indigenous groups that are not currently "recognized".

Anyone who is interested in Heartland is highly encouraged to learn from indigenous voices about the history of these lands, peoples, and about being in sacred community with the Earth.

Websites of Oregon's 9 Federally Recognized Tribes:

Interactive map of native lands - ​Native Land Digital

Some Additional Resources:

Robin Wall Kimmerer - Author of Braiding Sweetgrass - Author of The Four Agreements

Reading Robin Wall Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass (and listening to her incredible audiobook narration) has been foundational to the creation, spirit, and focus of Heartland. I can't recommend it highly enough.


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