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Heartland events introduce you to deepening your relationship with nature. Offering are designed to be accessible, powerful and direct - visiting lands "off the beaten trail" and providing instruction and invitation for contemplation and presence.

As a participant, you bring your own intentions into a collaboration with the land we visit. Your teachers and healers will be the plants, animals, insects, trees, rocks, and the elemental forces alive in the landscape. By stepping into wild places away from human "civilization", the voice of your heart is invited to come forward, offering wisdom, guidance, and allyship.

No upcoming events at the moment


Private Events


In addition to public events Heartland also works with individuals or small groups to offer private, personalized wilderness experiences.  


Collaborate with your Heartland Guide to design a journey in the outdoors: the location, timing, focus, your specific intentions. These are often all-day experiences departing from Portland, Oregon.

Food, drink, and transportation can be provided.

To learn more about working privately with Heartland, please email:





"My journey with Heartland was an incredible experience.  Because I was guided and supported by Michael, I was able to immerse myself in the natural environment, allow myself to be fully present, and experience a connection with the land that would have been impossible if I were alone.  I would recommend it to anyone hoping to explore their connection to nature or to experience the outdoors from a new perspective." 

-Scott A

"I'm grateful that Michael has created such a beautiful experience for folks to access the wisdom of the land. Through his extensive knowledge and training he provides ideal locations, a custom itinerary perfectly balanced with grounding opportunities, spaciousness, deep reflection and dialogue. His calm, kind and present demeanor puts you right at ease and opens you up for a meaningful personal journey." 

-Brad K

"I'm more than amazed by the safe, guided, and transformative space that Michael holds. The forest bathing workshop is a one of kind experience that I encourage everyone to try! Especially in a world with so many distractions, we often become disconnected to the nature of who we are. This is a great opportunity to reconnect to the here and now. Led by a very supportive, experienced, and wise mentor!" 

-Tyler M

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